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M&A Advisors


We work with business owners to successfully achieve an exit from their company.


We help companies build enterprise value through highly tailored, structured buy-side acquisition searches.


Business Valuations for tax, litigation support, financial reporting, buy-sell, and more.


Not ready for an exit?  We’ll help you get there.

Representative Transactions

What Sets Us Apart

High Touch

Every engagement is led by an experienced professional. You'll never be passed off to a junior analyst.


We recognize that not every company has the same goals. We'll work with you to achieve yours.

GovCon Ready

Our DC-based location gives us keen insights to the unique requirements of the GovCon market - whether you are local, too, or not.

Build Value

One of the best ways to build enterprise value - and personal wealth - is through acquisition. Our buy-side program helps you do just that.

Gap Analysis

Make sure you are ready to exit on YOUR terms. We'll work with you to perform a gap analysis- and understand if now is really the right time.

Rolling Up Our Sleeves

If now isn't the right time to exit, we'll roll up our sleeves and help you get there.

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15 Jun
Asset vs Stock Sale

One of the most frequent questions we get when it comes to structuring a sale is “Asset Sale or Stock Sale?”  With few exceptions, if you are the seller...

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23 Feb
What is an Earnout?

From Investopedia, an earnout is “A contractual provision stating that the seller of a business is to obtain additional future compensation based on the business achiev

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23 Feb
The Unsolicited Offer

As a business owner you may have experienced this phenomenon: you get a call or a letter or an email stating, essentially: “I want to buy your business.”  This...

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23 Dec

Fortune has a quick little piece comparing lessons learned on Everest to investing (and as alpinists ourselves, how could we pass this up?). One of the points that the

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23 Nov

The SBA estimated that for over 75% of business owners, the company is the largest single asset that they own.  Furthermore, evidence suggests that over 90% of business

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