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Business Valuation

Business valuation standards vary by need, state by state, and often courtroom to courtroom. Such third party valuations enable clients and intermediaries to fine-tune asking prices, support the asking price during negotiation, and can often assist with the lending process.

We routinely support attorneys, lenders, brokers, and CPA firms and their clients with realistic valuation reports for business transactions including fairness opinions. Generally, several valuation methods will be utilized with industry specific databases providing current earnings multiples or other practical metrics such as percentage of revenue.

Calculations of value for small and middle market businesses are a major area of focus for Clear Rock, especially for SBA lending candidates.

For more information or details on the different levels of appraisals and pricing please contact us.

Fact: 80% of Business Owners Do Not Know Their Company's Value

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poweredbyFINAL_COLOR_250Clear Rock partners with Quantive Business Valuations– one of the nation’s premiere valuation specialists- for our valuation work.  In working with Quantive, Clear Rock gives our clients access to the best work product and pricing available – all while maintaining a valuable local presence in the New Mid-Atlantic market.

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