Buy-Side Advisory

Increase Enterprise Value

Perhaps the fastest way to build enterprise value – and personal wealth – is through acquiring another company.  Acquisitions offer a highly tailored and expedient method to jumpstarting growth.

A smart acquisition can fill out missing service offerings, gain access into difficult customers, and increase your size in order to attract a higher caliber buyer.

We engage in targeted buy-side searches with one goal in mind: helping you build enterprise value.

Fit and Capabilities

We work to understand your goals, and dig deeper to understand your company.  We then work with you to provide clarity on what size acquisition is realistic based on your financial position.

Target List and Search

We conduct the leg work to proactively contact our highly tailored target list.  Key to success is working connections and contacts to gain the right access. The best acquisitions are often those that aren’t yet on the market – meaning you are the only buyer at the table.

Negotiations and Offer

Clear Rock works with you to construct an offer that won’t break the bank, but will also get the deal done. We lead negotiations, providing a much needed buffer between you and the seller.

Diligence and Drafting

The diligence process can be daunting and time consuming.  We quarterback the process to keep the deal moving forward.  We take care of the details so you can focus on understanding the risks and benefits of the acquisition at hand.

Critical Elements

In order to be successful in acquiring a company, the most effective method is to be proactive.  There is a reason that some firms are consistently successful in landing deals- they work hard to find them, to analyze fit, and to get to a closing.

To that end, our Buy-side process is designed to work hard at overturning all the rocks necessary to get a deal done.  After working with you to understand your capabilities to finance a transaction, and understanding the profile of what an ideal acquisition might look like, we perform the legwork to get it done.


Develop a strategic plan to enhance value

Restate Financials

Analyze and adjust financial statements as necessary

Marketing Docs

Create Confidential Information Memorandum to highlight company's value.


Contact qualified potential buyers and investors to develop a short list of candidates.


Lead negotiations, resulting in an executed LOI


Lot's of moving pieces - we coordinate it all


Facilitate financing of buyer isn't fully financed


Done deal.